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Photography fascinates me because I’m a visual learner. And the more I learn to “see” photographically, the more fascinating the world becomes - whether it’s people in unusual settings, striking landscapes, or the play of light in the morning and evening. I notice the way God displays his creativity and power in nature and his image in ordinary people.

I started life in the Midwest, migrated to Texas and finally found myself in beautiful Colorado, with a great wife and three wonderful kids. We’ve recently moved back to the Dallas area. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to travel to some awesome places (see my “International” gallery), while honing my photographic skills in the west (see “Colorado” and “Canyonlands”).

Some of the images you see are film (Fuji Velvia); the new stuff is digital (Nikon D70, D80 & D300 D600, D810).

And… while art is certainly spiritual, please check my other, more “spiritual” web site:

Does Art Matter to God?
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